Court upholds Privacy Policy Lawsuit Against Google, For Now..

In the tech world, Google may be the 800-pound gorilla that usually gets its way, but that doesn’t mean the federal court system is going to roll over and play dead when it comes to possible privacy concerns about tech behemoth’s actions when it uses personal data across its various platforms and tools. A federal judge rejected the search engine giant’s request to dismiss a privacy lawsuit in California that alleged Google acted inappropriately when it decided to update different

American Bar Association cautions against file sharing lawsuits


The American Bar Association is urging its 400,000-lawyer membership to be more prudent and show restraint when it comes to lodging online file sharing lawsuits. In a detailed whitepaper advising the US Government on how to best tackle online piracy, the association writes [PDF]: “Finally, while it is technically possible for trademark and copyright owners to proceed with civil litigation against the consuming public who affirmatively seek out counterfeited products or pirated content or engage in illegal file sharing, campaigns like

NSA had overseen disposal of Snowden data at The Guardian


The Associated Press has obtained a series of redacted emails and other documents which indicate that US intelligence officials knew beforehand about British intelligence agents’ effort to destroy data in possession of UK newspaper The Guardian. The emails shed light on the fact that former National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander had been briefed on the plan days before GCHQ analysts oversaw the covert destruction of a laptop at The Guardian’s offices in London, UK. On July 19, 2013, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger consented to destroy

Obama administration says it owns overseas servers

Justice Gavel

Worldwide governments, the tech industry, and scholars are keeping close tabs on a legal case in which the US Justice Department claims that Microsoft must produce e-mail data stored in Dublin, Ireland. What the case boils down to is that President Barack Obama’s administration claims that any company that has a base in the US must comply with warrants for handling over stored data, even if that data is stored on overseas servers. Microsoft, among other companies such as Apple, argues

Google’s one-hour policy to counter Facebook’s offers to employees

Google Poaching Case

Following the $324 million settlement of the employee wage conspiracy lawsuit in 2011 that involved Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe, four of the biggest Silicon Valley corporations, new emails concerning the case have revealed that in November 2007, Google policy’s was to counter offers made by Facebook to its employees within an hour. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has confirmed in emails that the policy had existed only for 24 hours before it was leaked outside the executive management group’s emailing list. Schmidt’s anger was obvious: “Since I